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    Company Introduction

    Nanjing XJS Limited, Nanjing Jaguar Commerce Limited, XJS Science Limited, and Universal Blue Technology Limited belong to a group business cluster located in Nanjing and Hong Kong, dedicated to providing high quality health care and beauty equipment along with ancillary products to Chinese consumers. Our main position is to become a leading distributor of excellent imported health care and beauty equipment along with ancillary products, and to foster the development of promising brands in China.

    南京小鲸鲨信息科技有限公司、南京美洲豹电子商务有限公司、XJS Science Limited、Universal Blue Technology Limited同属于一个集团业务集群,位于南京和香港,致力于向中国消费者提供高品质的健康护理、美容仪器与配套产品。 我们的主要定位是成为优秀的进口健康护理、美容仪器与配套产品的领先的分销商,培育成长型品牌在中国的发展。

    Star Products

    ·SMOOTHSKIN IPL Hair Removal Device

    ·(UK imported, Made in UK)

    ·SMOOTHSKINIPL Hair Removal Device was developed and manufactured by Cyden, the leading company of hair removal career in the United States. Cyden has a 40-year history in optical hair removal industry. They developed the SMOOTHSKIN series of hair removal devices, Bare, Gold, Bare Plus, Muse, the original intelligent detection of skin color, unlimited flash and other leading performance, can permanently inhibit hair regeneration, which is also certified by FDA ;

    ·We have reached a cooperation intention with Cyden since July 2017. By 2018, in double 11 promotion, we have already cultivated SMOOTHSKIN Bare as the No.1 best-selling item in the hair removal category;
    Cyden received the 2019 Queen’s Awards of Enterprise because of its tremendous growth in China.

    Business Contact:
    Online Store:
    SMOOTHSKIN Tmall Flagship Store: https://smoothskin.tmall.com/
    SMOOTHSKIN Tmall Global Flagship Store): https://smoothskinmujin.tmall.hk


    ·(英国原装进口, Made in UK)
    ·SMOOTHSKIN慕金脉冲光脱毛仪由脱毛仪届的领导公司英国Cyden研发和制造的。Cyden公司在光学脱毛领域有着40年的历史。他们研发的SMOOTHSKIN慕金系列脱毛仪,Bare,Gold,Bare Plus,Muse,独创智能检测肤色、无限次·闪光等领先性能,可永久抑制毛发再生,获得美国FDA;
    ·因为在中国区的业务巨大增长,Cyden公司获得了2019年英国女王企业奖(Queen’s Awards of Enterprise)。

    ·Office: 025-58800770
    ·Online Store:
    ·SMOOTHSKIN Tmall Flagship Store: https://smoothskin.tmall.com/
    ·SMOOTHSKIN Tmall Global Flagship Store): https://smoothskinmujin.tmall.hk

    ·TriPollar Beauty Devices

    ·(Pollogen Ltd, Isreal)

    · Launching Day: 2020 March 1st.
    Pollogen Ltd, as the subsidary of Lumenis, is the leading company in the global beauty devices industry. From 2020, Pollogen worked with us to launch several new innovated products, including TriPollar Stop Eye, TriPollar Stop Vx and some other coming soon. Within only 3 months after launching, the sale amount have been more than 100 million RMB.

    Business Contact:leo@xjs.com.hk
    ·Online Store:
    Tmall and Tmall Global:https://pollogen.tmall.hk

    Pollogen公司作为Lumenis(科医人)的子公司,是全球美容仪仪器行业的翘楚。2020年起,Pollogen公司与我们一道在中国市场发布一系列全新产品,包括:TriPollar Stop Eye胶原笔、TriPollar Stop Vx黑钻美容仪等。新品上线3个月,销量即突破1亿元。


    ·MOYAN Purelift Pro Home Use Beauty Device

    ·(US R&D, Made in Japan)

    · MOYAN The Purelift Pro beauty instrument utilizes ultra-high frequency neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) to penetrate the surface of the skin and reach the neuromuscular layer, which can quickly activate the deep muscle layer of the loose skin, lift and firm skin at a rapid speed. Everyday use can maintain the young and firm state of facial muscles, effectively resist gravity and keep young and small V face;

    ·This product is different from the traditional RF beauty instrument and the ordinary EMS beauty instrument. The product effect is immediate, durable, easy to carry and can be used daily. User ratings are extremely high.

    Business Contact:
    Online shops:(Moyan Tmall Flagship Store)

    MOYAN摩妍 Purelift Pro美容仪
    ·(美国研发, 日本制造)

    ·MOYAN摩妍 Purelift Pro美容仪利用超高频率神经肌肉电刺激(NMES)穿透皮肤表层,直达神经肌肉层,可以迅速激活松弛的皮肤深层肌肉层,极速提拉,持久紧致。每日使用,可以保持面部肌肉群的年轻紧致状态,有效抵抗地心引力,保持年轻小V脸;

    ·Online shops:(Moyan Tmall Flagship Store)

    ·Moyan Teeth Whitening Kit Floradyle

    ·(Made in Belgium)

    · Moyan Teeth Whitening is combined by a cool-light beauty instrument with natural skin whitening essence and toothpaste. Unlike the existing Blu-ray beauty products, it doesn't contain chemical bleach (hydrogen peroxide). The chemical bleach is replaced by the natural extract of the unique Chicory plant in Europe. Within a course of treatment, normally the user's tooth whitening degree could be increased by 9 degrees.

    Business Contact:
    Online shops:(Moyan Tmall Flagship Store)



    ·Online shops:(Moyan Tmall Flagship Store)

    ·Reviv3 Natural plant extract anti-off hair care series

    ·(Made in US)

    · Reviv3 natural plant extracts prevent hair loss and care series extracts plants that resist hair loss and promote hair growth. Products include shampoo, scalp essence and spray series;
    has a good effect on seborrheic alopecia in men and women;

    Business Contact:
    Online shops:(Theradome Overseas Flagship Store)


    ·Business Contact
    ·Office: 025-58800770
    ·Online shops:(Theradome Overseas Flagship Store)

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    Address: 2 / F, block B, Xin'an building, 100 yunlongshan Road, Xincheng Science Park, Jianye District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, 210019 China

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